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Please let me introduce myself. My name is Mike Walsh, I studied and passed the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) Advanced certificate in horticulture for 5 years at Hadlow College in Hadlow. I also studied and passed in Garden Design.

Whilst doing this I had the privellidge and pleasure of working on some stunning gardens including several RHS Gold medal winning grounds. I can honestly say that the RHS and their principals really are the Rolls Royce in horticulture.

However, unfortunately, whilst working on other gardens and for other companies, I noticed that in most cases these principles were not upheld, and in most cases the job to hand is just done to look like something has been done, or to save money or time? This obviously is detrimental to the plants and grounds over time, and often resulting in costly revamps. I started this company to avoid this and no matter how big or small a garden is both private or commercial/residential grounds, I believe that all gardens deserve whats best. I implement and stick to the RHS principles in horticulture in all work that I do and do the job properly, doing what’s best for the plants & grounds at all times.

I also noticed that there were similar problems when it came to Landscaping. People were finding it really hard these days to find someone who would do a proper job, for example patios/Terraces/Paths/Drives; I found that in a lot of cases people were not putting essential elements in place such as foundations, or not enough foundations to cut costs and come in at prices more competitive and cheaper than those willing to do the job properly, just to get the job. This obviously resulted in subsidence over a relatively short time and the only resolve would be to take the whole lot up and do it again… so that cheap quote unfortunately wasn’t so cheap anymore.. The same with turfing, fencing, decking and so on… Therefore, again I introduced a landscaping division to the company and my main aim was to provide a quality service that people could trust and go above and beyond regulations & standards and do a job that will last.

I have a vast plant knowledge, and love planting up beds and boarders of all styles. I endeavour to introduce as much interest throughout the year, be it via foliage colour, flowers, texture, Height and various other methods as possible. I believe a garden is like another room and done correctly, its often that people spend nearly as much time outside  as in especially through the spring summer and into autumn months.


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