Here at beau blooms We offer a professional garden care & maintenance service to RHS Standards at very competitive rates.

Our maintenance packages includes everything within the price to maintain your grounds at an RHS level. We have a set rate, and this includes:

  • Labour
  • Fertilisers (Branded slow release)
  • Chemicals (Selective for lawns treated every 6-8 weeks & Systemic)
  • Fuel
  • Tool maintenance (Servicing, blade sharpening, oil, parts etc)
  • Disposal of any green waste – legally
  • And we also offer any plants or materials at trade price whilst one of our customers.
  • The rate is a flat rate and there is no extra costs wether it be hedge cutting (Unless a platform is required), pruning small trees, or anything else that most companies charge separate for. providing we have enough time within the agreement we will do whatever is required to maintain your grounds.

Why employ someone to maintain my garden?

We all love our gardens, and love to use them to there fullest potential. This could be as an extension of the house, somewhere to sit relax and enjoy. This can be over breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a fine wine maybe? It can be to entertain friends, fire up the bbq, or to have somewhere to play with the children. Whatever your requirements are, it is important to stay on top of your garden and keep it looking at its best.

However I know its hard sometimes to maintain our gardens and spend as much time nuturing them as we would like. This may be due to busy lifestyles, lack of knowledge or just cant get out and about as much as you would like.

Having someone on hand with the specialist knowledge to give your garden the care and attention it deserves is rewarded by having a garden which performs its best year after year.

The lifespan and performance can be increased by specialist care & maintenance. Having someone you can trust to look after your plants can give you great peace of mind.
A shrub pruned correctly and at the right time will enhance the shape and flowering. Specialist advice on plant choice and care can save expensive mistakes and compliment the existing planting to enhance the overall look and feel of your garden.